Friday, December 04, 2020
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Four Must-Have Laptops for Executives

The business world today has integrated very well with technology. People get information updates from either their phones or laptops. And the latter device has also become the signature of modern executives because they must be fluent in massive data processing. If you are one of them, here are the four most recommended laptops with high mobility, versatility, and professionalism.

Apple New MacBook 12 ″

mac's mouse and keyboardTalking portable laptops is undoubtedly impossible without mentioning Apple devices. Apple used to have a super thin MacBook Air laptop. But now MacBook Air doesn't have a new variant. Instead, there is a 12-inch New MacBook.

Even though the word, "Air," is no longer there, this laptop is even thinner than the MacBook Air. Besides, the design is also more attractive. The screen is more lightweight than the previous model, with a resolution reaching 2,304 x 1,440 pixels. This resolution is much higher than the MacBook Air.

The keyboard is now made more flat so that it looks neater and can be invited to type quickly. On the hardware side, there is indeed a decline in the processor than the older 12-inch MacBook, because Apple uses an Intel Core m3 CPU, not the Core i5 series. But this processor is still very capable of multitasking. Moreover, there is 8 GB of RAM embedded in it.

ASUS ZenBook 3 UX390

The ZenBook 3 UX390 has a design of "11-12" with New MacBook 12. Even so, the screen dimensions are only slightly larger, namely 12.5 inches layered with Gorilla Glass. We say the ZenBook 3 UX390 is a Windows version of MacBook because it turns out the feel of using it is very similar.

The ZenBook 3 UX390 has a very luxurious design with a sparkling metal material and beautified lines at the end of the screen. Not just compact and luxurious, this laptop has the highest performance in its class. This is possible thanks to the cooling system in the form of a heatsink plus a small fan. Though thin laptops generally don't have a fan.

You might not believe that on a 23 million laptop it turns out that the Intel Core i5 CPU or even the 7th generation of Core i7 (Kaby Lake) has high performance. This laptop is offered in 8GB RAM capacity and 16GB. The multimedia performance was no less fierce with loudspeakers made by Harman Kardon. As complementary, ASUS also includes a sleeve made from premium leather in its sales package.

Lenovo Yoga 510

a thin laptopLenovo is arguably the champion of convertible laptops. Compared to other brands, Lenovo is classified as the most frequently released folding laptop. The most famous series is Lenovo Yoga. Naming Yoga itself to describe the flexibility of the body.

The Yoga series that we recommend is Yoga 510. Unlike the New MacBook or ZenBook 3 UX390 which sails 12 inches, the Lenovo Yoga 510 offers a wider 14-inch screen that can be touched. This size has become a standard laptop screen size in general.

Actually, Lenovo Yoga 510 is not exactly slim. Because the innards inside are designed for standard-sized laptops. Call it the 7th generation Intel CPU with an integrated AMD Radeon GPU for more optimal visual needs, such as video editing or playing games.

But even though it's not too thin, we still recommend Yoga 510 because this 9 million laptop can be folded. Therefore this laptop can be used in various ways. Can be used as a tablet, an ordinary laptop, or even set up like a tent for watching movies.

DELL XPS 13 9360

a laptop's displayThis one Windows-based laptop is also similar to the New MacBook 12 with a thin, compact body. But the impression that was caused was a little different because DELL XPS 13 9360 was more macho with a boxy form.

If you feel real men, then this laptop is the most interesting among the other recommendations we offer. The outside is made of aluminum, while the inside is made of carbon fiber. This material blend presents a design that is strong but also lightweight.

In addition to the beautiful outer appearance, the screen is also interesting because the screen bezel is so thin that it makes it unsightly. Oh yes, this screen has a 13-inch dimension Full HD resolution and can even respond to hand touch.

With a design that is slightly thicker than the New MacBook 12, the DELL XPS 13 9360 offers a much more complete port, such as a USB 3.1 port and SD card slot. For daily computing needs, the 21 million laptops are powered by the 6th generation Intel Core i5 CPU. Not the latest indeed, but still very reliable for now.

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