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Everything You Need to Know About Bug Detectors

Bug detection was, for a long time, a preserve of the military or counter-intelligent personnel. However, this has since changed, and you might as well need them too during your exploits. The need for bug detectors can be attributed to the fact that there might be malicious persons around us who might want to monitor or record you secretly. For instance, you might have a tiny camera hidden in places such as Airbnb rentals, gyms, washrooms, and public spaces. In light of this, bug detectors such as those at are fast becoming a basic safety measure for everyone.spy camera

How a Bug Detector Works

A bug detector is essentially a radio receiver that can capture electromagnetic waves transmitted close to it. Well, it does not only detect any fishy signals, but it also lets you know about the nature of the source. For instance, if you have an audio bugging device installed on your phone, the chances are that it emits some waves that can be picked up by a bug detector. A good bug detector should be able to pick up a range of different frequency levels. In case there is a cellular, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth around, it should be able to detect it pronto.

Devices that Can Be Detected With Bug Detectors

  • Hidden cameras: A bug camera should detect the presence of a spy camera in the vicinity. These covert devices are usually concealed in phone chargers, mirrors, alarm clocks, and smoke detectors. Some of these cameras are impossible to detect, with some embedded in the head of a screw. Bug detectors mostly work by detecting the pinhole lens in the camera.
  • Audio bugs: There are different types of audio bugs. GSM bugs fitted on a sim card, miniature voice recorders on everyday gadgets such as USB drives, wiretaps on your cellphone, and smartphones are the most commonly used audio bugs. A bug detector will help you detect the [presence of any bug that you might be dealing with.
  • GPS tracking devices: Some employers or detectives might install a GPS tracking device to monitor your travels without your knowledge. If you suspect that someone is tracking you, a GPS bug detector can help you detect the radio frequencies sent by the tracker.GPS tracking

Of you need to keep yourself safe from these bugs, for any reason, it is advisable to invest in a bug detector.

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Tech Innovations

Tips on How to Improve Your Drone’s Flight Time

Nowadays, many people are using quadcopters or drones just for fun and even for commercial use. Unfortunately, drones do not last for quite a long time in the atmosphere. There are many improved options in the market with different specs. However, the flight time of these improved drones may not be enough for the avid drone pilots. Every drone pilot desires to have a feature that increases the flight time of their drone. Averagely, most drones take between 5 to 35 minutes. Although no feature can boost your drone’s flight time, there are things you can do to achieve a significant increase in flight time. Luckily, in this article, you will have the opportunity to read our expert tips on how to improve your drone’s flight time. Keep reading the guideline below.

Battery Choice

When buying extra drone batteries, you need to consider those that have higher amperage. For the cheaper drones, it may not be a surprise that their batteries have lower amperage compared to the expensive ones. Such batteries lower the drone’s flight time. Therefore, make sure that you invest in a battery that is more powerful with high amperage. With that, you will have the opportunity to enjoy an extra time of fun with your quadcopter. However, you should be aware that as much as amperage is key the weight of the battery also affects the flight time of the drone. Simply make wise choices when looking for a for a drone with higher amperage battery. Check out some of the recommended drones at

Fly in Optimum Conditions

It is evident that the weather conditions affect the performance of the drone. Therefore, make sure that you learn more about fly your drone during the optimal weather conditions. Ensure that you point out the ideal time of the day when your drone takes more time flying. Considering the conditions is very important since some weather conditions lead to high energy consumption. If you do not know how to go about this, experiment your drone varied weather conditions. Ideally, it is good to fly your travel or commercial drone on almost a windless day.

Controller Inputs

About the controller inputs, you must go easy on them to boost your drone’s flight time. At times flying your drone aggressively on full throttle and great speeds need a heavier current which may drain your battery easily. Therefore, make sure that you use slow and gentle controller inputs to extend the drone’s flight time. Also, this allows you to take quality videos and photos.

Remove the Camera

Another trick for improving your drone’s flight time is by doing away with the camera. Having a camera attached to the drone is a good idea, but it does not add a thing when you do0 not want to take photographs. Removing the camera reduces the load, and that can significantly increase your drone’s flight time. Some models have built-in cameras, and that makes it hard to do away with them. However, if you are interested in aerial videography and photography, you need to work on other aspects.

Charging the Battery

Just like in phones and laptops, you need to monitor how to charge your drone’s batteries. Always charge them at the right time and make sure they are charged to 100% before using them. Also, use a charge that does not lower the life and strength. Lastly, use the batteries until they discharge all the energy before you put it back to the charger.

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Tech Innovations

Four Tech Innovations That You Must Know

The pace of technological development has progressed so fast and rapidly since the discovery of machines and computers in the world of technology has undergone a drastic development, it can even be said that every time we wink at other parts of the world, new technological innovations emerge. The rapid development of technology is sometimes not even overtaken by us, so many of us feel left behind by technological progress, and technologists haunt us.

So rapidly the latest innovations in the world of technology, of course, the primary purpose is to make people more comfortable to do a job. From what we used to need to send news across the island by mail, now we only need a cell phone for long-distance communication, even one day we can visit the future or the past with a time machine.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Advanced Machine Learning

The most notable tech advanced is the AI and advanced machine learning. These technologies are not the latest invention, but rather the development of the previous technology. They can be applied in independent vehicles, robots, electronics for consumers, visual personal assistants, and smart advisers.

This technology will make technology devices and programs more sophisticated, such as being able to learn, understand, adapt and allegedly be able to operate independently. This discovery is indeed significant, especially in the robotic world, and does not rule out the possibility that the machine learning technology has marked the birth of robots that can communicate and coexist with humans as in many sci-fi movies told us in the past.

Digital Twin

Digital twin is the latest discovery in the field of digital technology, with digital twin software will look more dynamic concerning physical and system. The working system of the latest digital twin technology is to rely on data provided by sensors to respond to changes, understand the situation, and improve performance. This system is allegedly going to replace human resource skills and traditional monitoring regarding service planning and repairing plant operating equipment.

VR and AR technology

Technology that will undergo updates and will be more popular is Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Both of these technologies have existed in the past few years, but until now both of these technologies are still in the process of being developed, in 2017 both of them experienced some improvements. According to Gartner, the development of these two technologies will continue to experience improvements to reach the stage of improvement, which is predicted to occur in 2021.

The Flying Cars, Aeromobil

Advanced technology in the next year is flying cars or aeromobiles. Aeromobiles are a combination of airplanes with cars, so they will work almost the same as amphibious tanks that can be driven on land and at sea. Another feature of this car is its luxurious appearance and functions that can be carried anywhere without having to fear being stuck in traffic.

According to the CEO of aeromobil, Juraj Vaculik, he said he was moving quickly in producing and marketing the innovation. In a Jurac interview with a CNBC reporter, he said if in 2017 the aeromobil company is guaranteed to be able to air and be ready for market.

This combination of cars and planes also produces an interesting combination with advanced technology in cars and planes, equipped with aviation systems and autopilot vehicles of the future will be excellent. Besides, aeromobiles are also equipped with shock absorbers to take off and land on rough terrain.

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