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Create Larger Than 2TB RAID Set for Windows XP (32bit) and Windows 2000:

This tech note applies to all PCIx/PCIe based SATA RAIDs:

      Duo Quad
      PRO DQ
      PRO DQg2
      PRO DQxc
      PRO RX
      PRO RXg2
      PRO RXqp
      PRO RXd
      PRO Q

The step by step will be different for other products, but the general scheme would be the same.

Windows XP 32-bit and Windows 2000 have a 2TB limitation per disk device. To work around this, please follow these simple steps. Windows Server 2003, Vista and Mac OS does not have this limitation.

If RAID is larger than 2TB, configure using multiple 2TB Volumes and then use Windows to Span them together. This will end up with one drive letter of the full capacity of the RAID. 

RAID Console would be needed to manage the RAID, please refer to the product manual to install and run the RAID Console.

If the RAID has an existing RAID set already, you will need to delete it to get a fresh start. This will erase all the data on the RAID. Here is how: From RAID Console goto RaidSet Functions > Delete Raid Set.

To Create multiple 2TB RAID sets:

From RAID Console, create the RAID Set under RaidSet Functions by selecting all of the drives. 

Create multiple Volume Sets under the VolumeSet Functions

    Select the desired Volume Raid Level
    Set the Select Volume Capacity to 2199GB
    Set Greater Two TB Volume Support to No
    Set Volume Initialization Mode to No Init (recommended)*
    Check the Confirm the Operation box
    Click Submit

Repeat this step until all of the space are assigned.


* By setting the Volume Initialization Mode to No Init will result in immediate availability of the RAID set, no need to wait for long initialization time.


In Windows Disk Management, make these volumes as Dynamic Disks and span them together to make one large disk. Spanning is recommend as oppose to striping. Striping in this configuration requires more system overhead and will actually reduce performance. Use Spanning.


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