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PROT2 Switch designed to address the needs of the media professional.

PROT2 Switch

PROT2 Switch flow

PRO Thunderbolt2 workflow

From the people that understand your creative workflow challenges.

Now Thunderbolt2, 3-U Rackmount switch solutions.

The latest addition to the award-winning PRO family series.
scalability,flexibility and performance, provides the fastest data transfer speeds.

Can be deployed easily.

All in one Box.

Contact sales@dulcesystems.com for more information.

Phone Sales @ 818-435-6007

PRO RXqp workflow1

PROT2 Switch is a giant leap forward for simplifying your Thunderbolt workflow.

PROT2 Switch allows scalability and simple integration.

Now large amounts of content can be stored or moved safely.

Quad Pack

PROT2 qp, Thunderbolt2 to PC Workflow

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