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Duo Quad

SATA RAID protected storage
Duo Quad
Duo Quad back side
Leopard Compatible

Protect your creation in speed

Video professionals know that time equals money. The sooner a job gets completed the sooner you can move on to the next project. The 8 drive Duo Quad not only looks good, it is also fit for the job, running at over 400MB/sec in RAID 0 performance mode, the Duo Quad can playback in realtime 10 uncompressed SD streams. No need to wait for preview renderings for your time sensitive creations. The Duo Quad is also very capable in working with uncompressed HD, with the 256MB of on board cache, it is able to handle 2 streams of uncompressed HD. Working with 2k DPX material? Duo Quad can do that too.

If drive protection is desired, the Duo Quad has many options to pick from, the single drive redundant RAID 3 or RAID 5 modes are the most efficient balance between performance and disk protection. If higher disk redundancy is a must, then the double disk redundant RAID 6 mode is also available. 

Protect your creation with the Duo Quad SATA RAID storage.

Duo Quad RAID 0
Duo Quad RAID 5
Duo Quad Performance Map
FCP sd8 layout
Duo Quad back side
Duo Quad back side with fan

Can’t see them or hear them,
but you can feel them.

We Are Your Biggest Fans

You’ve got big fans behind your projects. Hard drives last longer when operated in a cooler environment. The Duo Quad is equipped with two large 120mm fans, virtually the entire rear panel is designed to circulate cool air through the hard drives. They are large but they keep to themselves, they operate at a lower RPM and are very quiet. 

Cool drives means happy drives. Dulce Systems proudly and confidently provides the industry’s longest 42 month warranty on the Duo Quad product line.

Happy drives means happy editors.


PCI-e SATA RAID Controller. **


PCI-x SATA RAID Controller.

A Highly RAIDed Controller

The fully loaded RAID controller is highly configurable but yet it is simple to use. The controller supports RAID 0, 1, 3, 5, 6 and JBOD with hot spares. It requires a free slot in your computer.

The instant availability and background initialization features saves you from hours of RAID format time. In fact, the Duo Quad comes pre-formatted for Mac OS X, it mounts on the desktop on 1st hookup. For Windows a short format process is required.

The Duo Quad-e is supplied with an 8 lane PCI-express RAID controller**. Connects to your MacPro or PCI-e equipped G5 or Windows / Linux based computer.

The Duo Quad-x comes with a 64bit/133MHz PCI-x RAID controller. Connects to your G5 PowerPC equipped with PCI-x slots or Windows / Linux based computer with PCI-x slots.

RAID Manager GUI

RAID Management GUI

A web browser accessed RAID Manager provides quick and easy RAID management. The Duo Quad comes pre-configured for Mac OS X in RAID 0 performance mode, so it might not be necessary to access the RAID Manager initially. But, should you want to change the configuration or manage the disk drives, you are just a couple of clicks away from the RAID Manager.

Click the screen shot on the left to see some of the features.

Key Features:

  • Mac and Windows compatible.
  • Final Cut Pro, Premiere and all other major creation tools.
  • Multiple realtime streams.
  • PCI-express x8** or PCI-x RAID Controller.
  • Web base GUI RAID Manager with remote capabilties.
  • Automatic E-mail event notification.
  • 8 hot swappable SATA II drives.
  • Highly RAIDed. 0 to 6, JBOD.
  • RAID 0 for speed, RAID 1 for maximum protection.
  • RAID 3 or 5 for efficient speed and protection.
  • RAID 6 for ultimate double disk protection.
  • Hot Spares.
  • Enclosure Management for fan and temperature

System Requirements:

  • Apple Mac Pro - One available PCI-e x8 slot. **
  • Apple Power Mac G5 (later model with PCI-e slots) - One available PCI-e x8 slot. **
  • Apple Power Mac G5 - One available PCI-x slot.
  • Windows-based compatible PC with one PCI-e x8 slot or PCI-x 64bit / 133MHz slot.
  • Apple OS X 10.4 or higher, Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Server.
Secured Connector


We are well Connected

The Duo Quad not only protects your data with the latest RAID options, we are also well connected to keep your data secured.

The Quad Channel SATA II interface connectors used in the Duo Quad are made of metal construction and locks securely in place to prevent accidental removal.

A well connected machine works more reliably. 


Ordering Information


Duo Quad-e
(PCI-express RAID card) **

Duo Quad-x
(PCI-x RAID card)

Capacity *
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Part Number


Part Number

Contact your local supplier for best pricing.


The PCI-express version of the Duo Quad had been replaced with the very fast PRO DQ.



8 x 250GB disks




8 x 320GB disks




8 x 500GB disks




8 x 1000GB disks

Call 818-435-6007

* RAID 3/5 capacity will be 12.5% less, RAID 6 will be 25% less. Why?
** The PCI-express version of the Duo Quad had been replaced with the very fast PRO DQ.

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