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This tech note applies to all PCIx/PCIe based SATA RAIDs:

      Duo Quad
      PRO DQ
      PRO DQg2
      PRO DQxc
      PRO RX
      PRO RXg2
      PRO RXqp
      PRO RXd
      PRO Q

The above RAID system supports e-mail notification of RAID status. This feature is very useful if you are maintaining RAID setups remotely where no personnel are close by the system to hear or see the alarms.

The computer with the RAID Controller installed must be connected to the internet and configured to use SMTP to send notification to selected e-mail addresses.

Configure the e-mail notification

Launch the Dulce RAID Console. (Click on the Dulce RAID Console lunch icon or enter http://localhost:81 at the web browser address field.)
Dulce RAID Console

Open the ARCHTTP Configurations screen by changing the port of the localhost address to whatever it is shown plus 1, this is typically from 81 to 82. If you have more than one RAID controller installed, the ARCHTTP Configuration port number will be higher.


At the ARCHTTP Configurations screen select the Mail Configuration option on the left sidebar.

Enter the SMTP Server IP Address. This is your mail server IP address, it can be found by using ping or similar tool. Ex: ping mail.mymailserver.com

Enter the Sender Name: This will be placed in the From field of the e-mail you receive.

Enter the Mail Address: This will also be placed in the From field of the e-mail you receive.

Enter the MailTo Name1: This will be placed in the To filed of the e-mail you receive.

Enter the Mail Address: This will be the actual e-mail address the notification will be sent to.

Select the desired Event Notifications.

Check the Confirm The Operation box.

Click on Submit to save the configuration.

Mail Configuration

To test the setup, go back to the Dulce RAID Console. (http://localhost:81)
Dulce RAID Console

Go to the System Controls > Generate Test Event > check the Confirm The Operation box > Submit.

Generate Test Event

You will receive an email message like this if the configuration is correct:

From: Dulce RAID 1 [smtp@dulcesystems.com]
Sent: Monday, January 28, 2008 5:36 PM
To: Help Desk
Subject: RaidAlert-URGENT(

2007-8-28 18:36:1 Controller#1(PCI) H/W MONITOR Test Event


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