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The V series line of products are exclusively available for selected regions

V = Value

The V means VALUE.

V provides opportunities for selected resellers / distributors and value added integrators to add value to selected Dulce product offerings.

V products are supplied to the selected resellers / distributors or value added integrators via a strictly monitored channel. These products come with everything as outlined in our standard product offering with the exception of the disk drives. Disk trays are provided for Value integration by 3rd party. These products are not available directly to the end user as unpopulated arrays.



Dulce V Series products are supplied without disk drives, the products are warranted for 1 year. Warranty amendment applies to the standard Limited Warranty. If a customer receives a V series product populated with disk drives supplied by a reseller / distributor / integrator / self or other parties, the Dulce's warranty is limited to the accessories, chassis and Power supply only, the disk drives are not covered by Dulce Systems. Any disk drive replacements or additional warranties offered or implied are the responsibility of disk drive supplier.

Published performance numbers could vary on the V series products as Dulce Systems have no control over the disk drive performance and type supplied.




V series products






The Dulce Standard

Dulce standard line of products (non V series) are supplied with disk drives, they are fully tested with Dulces in house developed proprietary screening methods to ensure every disk drives are up to par for the high demands of video editing and content creation.

Dulce has developed a strong working relationship with our disk drive supply vendors to ensure the drives we supply in the Dulce products are best of class.

Every disk drive supplied by Dulce are 100% screened and any disks falling below our standard are not used in our products.


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