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Leopard Compatible

HD Commander

HD Commander with 4 port eSATA Adapter
HD Commander with 4 port eSATA Adapter

HD Commander back side

PCI-e 4 eSATA ports

PCI-x 4 eSATA ports

Express Card 34

HD Commander

eSATA with Port Multipler

Cost Effective

Spending less does not mean sacrificing performance. The HD Commander uses the latest eSATA Port Multiplier technology, it provides professional class performance with a lower costs per gigabyte solution.

Each HD Commander is supplied with five drive enclosure populated with the latest SATA II high performance disk drives; a four port eSATA PCI-e or PCI-x Host Adapter for workstations or two port eSATA Express Card 34 for laptops. 

Fast and expandable

The fast PCI-e four port eSATA Host Adapter enable each port to run at their maximum rate of 235MB/sec, this means the HD Commander can handle any project you throw at it; from DV, DVCPRO HD, uncompressed SD / HD and Apple’s latest ProRes 422. Add additional drive enclosures to the other ports will result in even higher data rate, 700MB/sec! A total of 20 disk drives can be connected to the PCI-e Host Adapter.

Laptop users will benefit form the Express Card 34 eSATA adapter card. Maximum data rate of 144MB/sec can be achieved and with two eSATA ports a total of 10 disk drives can be attached to your laptop.

Real-time playback

HD Commander is tuned to perform real-world day-to-day workflow. Working in Final Cut Pro, Premiere, or other creative applications, the HD Commander is capable of real-time playback to help your creative process to be more productive. 

The five drive HD Commander is capable of 8/10-bit uncompressed HD, 7 streams of uncompressed 8-bit SD, 11 streams DVCPRO-HD, 8 streams of ProRes 422.


Macbook Pro compatible


  • From 1.25TB to 5TB in a five drive removable managed enclosure.
  • Up to 20 drives with the PCI-e Host Adapter or 10 drives with the Express Card 34.
  • Port Multiplier capable, each port supporting five drives.
  • Up to 235MB/sec bandwidth per port with the PCI-e Host Adapter or 140MB/sec with the Express Card 34.
  • Four port PCI-e (x8) or PCI-x Host Adapter or Express Card 34 card included, plus a 1-meter eSATA cable.
  • Mac and Windows compatible.
  • Final Cut Studio and Premiere Pro certified.
  • Operating System managed RAID 0 for performance, RAID 1 for mirror protection, Span and JBOD configurations.

System Requirements:

  • Apple Mac Pro, Power Mac G5, Windows-based compatible PC.
  • Apple OS X 10.4 or higher, Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Server.
  • One available PCI-e 8x slot or one PCI-x slot or one available Express Card 34 slot.
  • Optionally, the enclosure can connect to an existing eSATA port on your computer.
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