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Dulce Systems introduces itself with a series of video storage solutions for the video editing and content creation market.


Dulce Systems’ initial offering of video storage products uses the latest of RAID controller technology featuring PCI-e and PCI-x host side RAID controllers incorporating the latest RAID 6 double disk drive protection enhancements. Traditional RAID 0 striping for maximum speed; RAID 1 mirroring for maximum disk protection; RAID 3 and 5 single parity disk protection; and JBOD are all standard user configurable options.

The sweet looking Dulce Systems’ Quad (Q) and Duo Quad (DQ) are desktop models pre-loaded with 4 disk drives and 8 disk drives respectively. The disk drives are hot swappable mounted in a managed enclosure. The Quad offers capacity of 1TB to 2TB and the Duo Quad from 2TB to 4TB.

The Quad and Duo Quad are bundled with a PCI-e or PCI-x host side RAID controller complete with cables and drives ready to be incorporated into a Mac for Final Cut Pro work or a Windows PC for Premiere Pro usage or any industry video editing rendering applications. The Quad and Duo Quad is ideal for video resolutions of multiple streams of uncompressed SD, multiple streams of uncompressed HD to 2k film.  The package provides a sweet spot for price and performance for the budget-minded video professional.

Coming in the 2nd quarter, Dulce Systems will offer the feature rich Duo FireWire and the Duo eSATA. Both with capacity up to 1TB. The Duo FireWire offers the user selectable modes for striping, mirroring, spanning and JBOD. The Duo eSATA offers direct attach using the external eSATA interfaces connecting the two drives directly to a host adapter. Similar to the Quad and Duo Quad, the Duo is compatible with Mac and Windows PC for multiple streams of DV to multiple streams of SD.

Fully loaded products with performance, features, and a sweet price! Dulce Systems also confidently offers the bundled solution with the industry’s longest 42 months warranty for the Quad and Duo Quad, and a length of 36 months for the Duo.

Dulce Systems is an experienced provider of Video Storage Solutions with a combined experience of over 90 years in the storage industry. Our executive team is a well-rounded group of industry professionals in all disciplines; design engineering, quality control, customer support and application engineering.  Dulce Systems is a group of technology entrepreneurs with a vision for designing video storage systems for the professional video market. Our team will bring the latest innovations in video storage technology to serve the video editing and content creation market.

For additional information visit www.dulcesystems.com.

Contact: sales@dulcesystems.com 818-435-6007.


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