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Dulce Systems introduces the PRO EX PCI-e Expander Switch.
Virtually unlimited storage expansion for the content creation
professionals and enterprise video library industry.


Dulce Systems proudly announces the addition of the highly anticipated PRO EX to their high performance storage product line. The PRO EX is a PCI-e bus expander and switch combination; it is scalable, flexible and very fast when coupled with the Dulce PRO DQ RAID storage system.

The PRO EX provides 7 PCI-e expansion slots for scalability. All 7 slots will accommodate a 1/2 length (174 mm) full height PCI-e card with x8 physical slot size or smaller. If additional PCI-e slots are needed, the PRO EX can be daisy chained to one or more PRO EX’s for additional PCI-e expansion. This provides a virtually unlimited storage expansion pay-as-you-grow capability.

The PRO EX is flexible. Any combination of Dulce’s PCI-e storage controllers and adapters can be used in the PRO EX, including the SATA RAID PRO DQ, Duo Quad, Quad, eSATA HD Commander and Duo-eSATA products. Third party PCI-e cards can be added too. The PRO EX flexibility provides for future proofing of your existing and new storage as well as other PCI-e investments.

The PRO EX high performance is attained by the x8 PCI-e speed throughout the PRO EX architecture. An x8 speed uplink port and the x8 speed PCI-e Uplink Host Adapter ensures the highest data bandwidth to and from the host computer. Three slots are x8 speed and four slots are x4 speeds which provides for an even distribution of data flow. The x8 speed slots are rated for 20 Gb/s or about 2 GB/s of data bandwidth; the x4 speed slots translate to a still very high 1 GB/s data rate.

With the PRO EX populated with three of the Dulce PRO DQ RAID storage systems, a total of 24 drives striped in RAID 5 protected mode achieved a breathtaking 1369 MB/sec data rate speed as measured on an Apple Mac Pro.

The PRO EX is housed in an attractive, shiny, smooth, glossy titanium looking case, efficiently sized in a small form factor footprint tower configuration or with an optional 3U rack mount kit.

If your existing storage demand is outpacing slots available in your workstation, the PRO EX is the solution.

The PRO EX and other Dulce storage solutions are available through a network of domestic and international distributors and resellers. Visit Dulce Systems at www.dulcesystems.com

About Dulce Systems, Inc.

With clarity and vision, Dulce Systems will redefine video storage and provide a one source one stop for support and innovation for the content creation market. Dulce Systems is located at 9620 Topanga Canyon Place, Suite E, Chatsworth, CA 91311. Tel: (818) 435-6007, Fax: (818) 576-0324, www.dulcesystems.com

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