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Dulce Systems debuts the PRO RX, PRO FC and PRO DI at the 2008 NAB show in Las Vegas. The new 16 drive based products expand Dulce’s high performance RAID storage offerings to the creative and content creation professionals.


Dulce Systems debuts a new range of high performance products at the 2008 NAB show in Las Vegas. The PRO RX, PRO FC and PRO DI are all rackmountable 16 drive based high performance RAID storage systems - featuring super fast data rates, super expandability and super sneaker net-ability. 

The PRO RX, PRO FC and PRO DI all support RAID 0, 1, 5 and 6 modes are Mac and PC compatible, and work with Apple’s Final Cut Studio, Adobe’s Premiere Pro and other popular video editing and creation tools. They also support the Instant Ready feature eliminating the long initial format time. Additionally, they feature Ethernet management capabilities with email notification plus a host of other great features. 

The super fast PRO RX uses the latest PCI-express Extender technology running at 20Gb/s to extend the computer’s PCI-express bus to the PRO RX enclosure - this enables an impressive set of data rates breaking all records. In the performance RAID 0 stripe mode the PRO RX measures 800MB+/sec, in the drive redundant RAID 5 mode the PRO RX measures 750MB+/sec, even with the double disk redundant RAID 6 mode the PRO RX delivers over 700MB/sec. The PRO RX comes in a 12 or 16 drive configuration with a maximum capacity of 16TB.

The super expandable PRO FC sports a dual channel 4Gb Fibre Channel high performance RAID controller. A built-in expansion port enables a very cost effective expansion to 3 additional PRO FC JBOD enclosures via daisy chain, resulting with a total of 64 drives per RAID controller. The dual port 4Gb Fibre Channel enables 550MB/sec of data transfer rate.  The PRO FC is ideal for machine room and SAN shared storage environments with capacities of up to 16TB. Click here for the PRO FC Datasheet.

The super sneaker net-able PRO DI features the DI Pack; a small removable and portable package with sixteen 2.5” laptop disk drives. The DI Pack loaded with data can be transported to another location and installed into another PRO DI - this enables moving large amount of data conveniently from location to location without breaking your back. Like the PRO FC, the PRO DI also sports a dual channel 4Gb Fibre Channel high performance RAID controller, 550MB/sec data rate, expandable to 3 additional PRO DI JBODs and is SAN Ready. Maximum capacity for the PRO DI is 5.12TB in RAID 0, 4.8TB in RAID 5 or 4.4TB in RAID 6.

About Dulce Systems, Inc.

With clarity and vision, Dulce Systems will redefine video storage and provide a one source one stop for support and innovation for the content creation market. Dulce Systems is located at 9620 Topanga Canyon Place, Suite E, Chatsworth, CA 91311. Tel: (818) 435-6007, Fax: (818) 576-0324, www.dulcesystems.com

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