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Dulce Systems releases PRO DQ generation 2 - an update to the popular PRO DQ RAID Storage tower. A flexible, high-performance, protected storage array for video editing and content creation professionals.


Dulce Systems enhances the field-proven PCI-Express RAID storage array with a number of unique built-in features. Using eight 3.5” 3Gb SATA disk drives in a newly designed tower enclosure which also houses the updated RAID controller and provides a total RAID protected capacity of up to 8 TB.

The PRO DQ generation 2 implements the proprietary all metal drive tray, which provides efficient cooling to the disk drives and more effective heat dissipation, ensuring the drives are operating in their optimal environmental configuration.

The PRO DQ generation 2 incorporates the latest Extended PCI-Express technology, incorporating a power efficient, low heat, super fast Host Bus Extender (HBE) interface running at 20Gb/s (PCI-Express x8 lanes) to extend the computer’s PCI-Express bus to the PRO DQ enclosure. An available 8 lane PCI-Express slot is required, but the typical power requirements and heat generation are removed from the host computer keeping it running cooler. An 8 lane clip lock secured PCI-Express cable is supplied to connect the HBE to the PRO DQ generation 2 enclosure. A maximum cable length of 10 meters will fit most edit suite requirements.

The PRO DQ generation 2 is now laptop compatible; a built-in PCI-Express x1 port is available to work with laptops equipped with an available ExpressCard 34 slot. Take your creativity with you, edit in the studio or edit on-location.

From time to time you might need to move the PRO DQ generation 2 from one suite to another, or from studio to on-location with your laptop. The built-in retractable handles tuck away in the front and rear of the unit to provide convenient mobility.

The updated field proven high performance RAID controller supporting RAID 0, 1, 3, 5 and 6 connects to eight 3Gb SATA disk modules operating at 7200RPM. An impressive set of data rates breaks all records; in the performance RAID 0 stripe mode the PRO DQ measures 660MB/sec, in the drive redundant RAID 5 mode the PRO DQ measures 580MB/sec, even with the double disk redundant RAID 6 mode the PRO DQ delivers over 460MB/sec.

The PRO DQ generation 2 is Mac and PC compatible. Certified to work with Apple’s Final Cut Studio, Adobe’s Premiere Pro and other popular editor and creation applications. The PRO DQ’s impressive data rate allows for multiple streams of video resolutions; DV, HDV, DVCPRO HD, ProRes HQ, uncompressed SD/HD as well as 2k film.

Feature rich enclosure monitoring and RAID management console to monitor and configure the RAID with any web browser, plus Ethernet connectivity, e-mail event notification, remote host controlled power on/off, removable fans and optional hot swappable power supplies.

The PRO DQ generation 2 is compatible with the PRO EX PCI-express Expander. If additional storage is required the PRO DQ can be expanded using the PRO EX PCI-express Expander, providing a total of 112 TB per PRO EX. If even more storage is required, multiple PRO EX’s can be daisy chained for virtually unlimited online storage.

About Dulce Systems, Inc.
With clarity and vision, Dulce Systems will redefine video storage and provide a one source one stop for support and innovation for the content creation market. Dulce Systems is located at 9620 Topanga Canyon Place, Suite E. Chatsworth, CA 91311. Tel: (818) 435-6007, Fax: (818) 576-0324, http://www.dulcesystems.com


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