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Dulce Systems New – Small, Sleek, Flexible, Expandable PRO RXmpd Series Arrays, for the Professionals the Require Extreme Fexibility.

CHATSWORTH, CA. October 11, 2010.

Dulce Systems Corp., a provider of world-class storage solutions, today announced it is now shipping its next-generation PRO RXmpd; a 2-U rackmount or tower with dual controllers and up to four "Mini Packs"; each Mini Pack supports 8 - 2.5" SAS or SATA drives.

Building on the success of the previous "PRO RXqp" and the "PRO DSqp" the new PRO RXmpd is the smallest, most portable, and flexible storage array with SCREAMING performance and reliability that Dulce Systems products are renowned for. The PROmpd has been specifically designed for enhanced transportability and provides the flexibility that enables each individual 8 drive Mini Pack to be configured as a RAID 0, 1, 3, 5, 6 or JBOD. When fully populated with 4 Mini Packs the PROmpd provides 32 drives per storage array with dual hot-swappable power supplies.

The PRO RXmpd uses the 20 Gb/sec PCI-express x8 lane extender technology to extend the computer's PCI-express bus to the expansion chassis. This enables the hardware-based, high performance RAID controller to be housed in the PRO RXmpd enclosure which allows it to run at full speed and keep cool, thus reducing the heat buildup that otherwise would be retained inside the computer. The PRO RXmpd provides the user the ability to add additional storage through a PCIe x8 lane expansion port (daisy chains up to 128 drives) without using any additional PCIe slots of your PC or Mac.

Envision the possibilities - each Mini Pack can hold different dailies or different projects. They can be managed to be independent of each other and each can be conveniently transported or stored. You can "Sneaker-net" content across town or the world. Orginize projects in a Mini Pack for ease of a client's manageability or archive the entire project for a quick project restart. Populate the PRO RXmpd with one, two, three or four Mini Packs; the Mini Packs are Mac, Windows and Linux compatible, and work with Apple's Final Cut Studio, Adobe's Premier Pro, AVID's Media Composser and other popular video editing and creation tools.

About Dulce Systems, Inc.

Striving to provide the industry's highest performance RAID storage systems, with clarity and vision, Dulce Systems will redefine video storage and provide a one source one stop for support and innovation for the content creation market. All of Dulce Systems products are designed and manufactured in Chatswoth, CA.

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For more information, plese see the company's website at www.dulcesystems.com or email sales@dulcesystems.com.

Dulce Systems is located at 9620 Topanga Canyon Place, Suite E, in Chatswoth, CA 91311

Tel: (818) 435-6007, Fax: (818) 576-0324, http://www.dulcesystems.com

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