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Dulce Systems – New PRO EX16, 80 GB/s, an Enterprise Expansion Switch, Supports PCI Express Gen2 x16 lane.

CHATSWORTH, CA. March 29, 2011.

Dulce Systems Inc., a provider of world-class storage solutions, today announced the new PRO EX16 switch (x16 lanes) expansion system series. The PRO EX16 allows system developers and systems integrators to add PCI Express Gen2 slots to a host, Mac or PC, via a x16 (80 GB/s) expansion cable and HBE (host bus extender).

The PRO EX16 Gen2 expansion switch is an enterprise class, cost-effective system, designed to protect data. The enterprise class switch provides end-to-end cyclic redundancy check (CRC) designed for error-detecting in data packets; the corrupted data packets are cleaned and automatically re-transmitted by the hardware.

The flexibility of the PRO EX16 - tower or rack mountable - allows the use of double-width three x16 lanes PCI express Gen2 and two x8 lane PCI express Gen2 backward compatible to Gen1. The PRO EX16 is an efficient way to increase your PCIe slots for your computer, server or workstation.

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Striving to provide the industry's highest performance RAID storage systems, with clarity and vision, Dulce Systems will redefine video storage and provide a one source one stop for support and innovation for the content creation market. All of Dulce Systems products are designed and manufactured in Chatswoth, CA.

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Dulce Systems is located at 9620 Topanga Canyon Place, Suite E, in Chatswoth, CA 91311

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