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Expander Switch - Scalable, Flexible & Very Very Fast
PRO EX Combo

PRO EX w/7 PRO DQ RAID Controllers


PCI-e x8 connector

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with PCI-e x8 Uplink Host Adapter 1-meter cable.


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PEX-RX (rack mount kit)


PCIe x8 cable





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Add as you grow

The scalable PRO EX solves your demanding storage problem. Need more storage than your computer would allow due to limited PCI-e (PCI express) slots? The PRO EX is the solution, the PRO EX provides virtually unlimited storage expansion.

The PRO EX is a PCI-e expander, it supports up to 7 PCI-e x8 compatible cards. Add storage as you need with the grow-as-you-go expansion or simply aggregate your existing PCI-e based storage for instant online access.

The seven expansion slots in the PRO EX will accommodate half length (174 mm) full height PCI-e cards with x8 physical slot size or smaller.

The PRO EX expander combined with the PRO DQ RAID storage subsystems can offer up to 56TB of online storage. If more is needed, additional PRO EX and PRO DQ combinations can be added to a daisy chain to get even more storage. This provides virtually unlimited storage capacity.

Room for everyone

The PRO EX will accommodate any combination of Dulce’s PCI-e controllers or adapters; such as the Dulce SATA RAID PRO DQ, Duo Quad, Quad, eSATA HD Commander and Duo-eSATA products. Third party PCI-e cards can be added, too. Yes even PCI-e based storage from other manufactures! The PRO EX provides flexibility for future proofing of your existing and new storage as well as other PCI-e investments.

We are well connected

The PRO EX is not only scalable and flexible, it also ensures that it is well connected to your host using the industrial strength x8 PCI-e uplink connection. 

The uplink cable used in the PRO EX is made of metal construction and locks securely in place to prevent accidental removal. A one meter cable comes with the unit, with an optional 3-meter cable available.

A well connected machine works more reliably.

Very very fast

When all you want is blinding speed, the PRO EX combined with the PRO DQs will deliver what you want. With the PRO EX populated with three PRO DQ SATA RAIDs totaling 24 drives in RAID 0 mode, a breath-taking speed of 1376 MB/sec was achieved. This setup requires the host computer to be configured at the maximum PRO EX uplink speed of x8. See the test results.

In the real world of video editing where a video capture card is also in use, a balanced x4 speed is a typical setting. With this, a PRO EX populated with two PRO DQ totaling 16 drives in RAID 5 mode, a speed of 767 MB/s is still faster than any other configurations in this class. See the test results.

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Leopard + Dulce

PRO EX with Mac Pro

PRO EX  Unlimited Expansion


  • Mac and Windows Compatible.
  • Seven PCI-e x8 physical slots. Three x8 speed rated, four x4 speed rated.
  • Uplink Host Adapter provides up to x8 speed (20 Gb/sec) uplink speed.
  • Robust and secure 3-meter Uplink Cable.
  • Triple cooling fans.
  • Enclosure management monitors fans and temperature.
  • PCI-e power management with remote power on/off.
  • PCI-e slot link status indicators.
  • PCI-e bridge and switch operation is transparent, no drivers or utility needed.

System Requirements

  • Apple Mac Pro - One available PCI-e x8 slot
  • Apple Power Mac (later model with PCI-e slots) - One available PCI-e x8 slot.
  • Windows-based compatible PC with one PCI-e x8 slot.
  • Apple OS X 10.4 or higher, Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Server.



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