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x16 Lane PCIe Gen2, Dual Controller Storage Array, Expansion Switch

PRO RX 16ex

The New PRO RX 16ex, PCIe Gen2 x16 lane

G2 is comingThe new PRO RX 16ex uses the all metal drive trays; runs cool, strong and stylish "No Plastic Here".  PRO RX 16ex designed for the Content Creation Professionals.

Exceedingly more performance

PRO RX 16exIntroducing the biggest, fastest and most versatile rackmount RAID - The PRO RX 16ex. 

Adding on to the existing field-proven high performance RAID engine, the PRO RX 16ex implements the latest PCI-express Gen2 Extender technology to provide super fast, low cost, redundant storage with upwards of 64TB capacity in a 3-U 19” rackmount space. The PRO RX 16ex comes in a 16 bay configuration with 1TB, 2TB, 3TB or 4TB pre-loaded drive models. The PRO RX 16ex also makes expansion easy and cost effective with its built-in x8 PCIe Gen2 expander port (optional). Require even more storage array capacity and or PCIe Gen2 slots on your server or workstation? Simply connect to the built-in expander port (optional) on the PRO RX 16ex additional systems can be daisy chained, to provide unlimited storage capabilities without sacrificing additional PCIe slots.

The highly reliable, high performance RAID controller supports RAID 0, 1, 3, 5 and 6 an connects to upwards of 16 SATA/SAS/SSD, 3Gb/6Gb 7200RPM or 15000RPM disk modules. An impressive set of data rates breaks all records, more on this below.

80Gb per second HBE

The PRO RX 16ex Host Bus Extender (HBE)x16 lane Gen2 implements the latest 80Gb/sec PCI-express Extender technology, enabling the extension of the computer’s PCI-express Gen2 signals to the PRO RX 16ex enclosure. The HBE x16 lanes is super fast, power efficient and runs cool.  The HBE is capable of up to x16 lanes of the PCI-express Gen2 speed, enabling the RAID controllers to run at full speed. 2260MB+/sec in RAID 0 is super fast, check out the full performance graph for the complete map of the PRO RX 16ex performance capabilities.

The full metal secure locking PCI-express Extender Cable connects the HBE and PRO RX 16ex enclosure, up to 7-meter can be used for machine room connectivity.

PRO_RX_16ex_PerformanceFull Speed at Full Load

Check out the PCIe Gen2 performance map to the right, the PRO RX 16ex simply does not slow down! Even when it is fully loaded with a bunch of media, the PRO RX 16ex keeps on going. An impressive set of data rates breaks all record, in the performance RAID 0 stripe mode the PRO RX 16ex measures 2260MB+/sec, in the drive redundant RAID 5 mode the PRO RX 16ex measures 2020MB+/sec. 

RAID ConsoleRAID Management GUI

A web browser accessed RAID Console provides quick and easy RAID management. The PRO RX 16ex comes pre-configured for Mac OS X in RAID 5 protection mode, so it might not be necessary to access the RAID Console initially. But, should you want to change the configuration or manage the disk drives, you are just a couple of clicks away from the RAID Console.

Highly configurable for single RAID or multiple RAIDs with various RAID levels are easily managed using the RAID Console management interface. 

Event notification with e-mail, Event Log Views, Controller and drive temperature monitoring are but a few of the full set professional grade manager.

Click the screen shot on the right to see some of the features.

PCIe x16 cable

We are well Connected

The PRO RX 16ex connection is strong and secure. The PRO RX 16ex not only protects your data with the latest RAID options, we are also well connected to keep your data secured. The connectors used in the PRO RX 16ex are made of metal construction and locks securely in place to prevent accidental removal. Standard 3-meter cable is provided with optional lengths of 3, 7 meters. A well connected machine works more reliably.

PRO RX 16ex

The PRO RX 16ex makes expansion easy and cost effective with its (optional) built-in x8 PCIe Gen2 expander port. Expanding is made simple, additional PRO RX 16ex (or any Dulce Systems PRO series g2) systems can be daisy chained and provide additional capacity or PCIe Gen2 expansion slots and all this can be done without sacrificing additional PCIe slots in your server or workstation.


Real-time Multiple Streams

PRO RX 16ex technology translates to superior versatility in your creative development, many real-time streams means you will enjoy your work more and get the project completed sooner.






Video Res

# streams



HD 10-bit uncompressed




HD 8-bit uncompressed




SD 10-bit




SD 8-bit








ProRes HQ








2k RGB




2k film




4k film







One PRO RX 16ex with sixteen 1TB drives in RAID 5. Mac Pro 2xQuad 3GHz, OSX 10.5.7 FCP 6. PCIe x4 speed. Streams counts could vary with smaller disk drives. RAID 0 or PCIe x8 lanes yields similar performance.

Ordering Information


PRO RX 16ex

Capacity *
How much do I need?


Part Number


16TB (Single Controller)



16 x 1TB

16TB (Dual Controller)



16 x 1TB

32TB (Single Controller)



16 x 2TB

32TB (Dual Controller)



16 x 2TB

48TB (Single Controller)



16 x 3TB

48TB (Dual Controller)



16 x 3TB

64TB (Single Controller)



16 x 4TB

64TB (Dual Controller)



16 x 4TB

96TB (Single Controller)



16 x 6TB

96TB (Dual Controller)



16 x 6TB


Dual hot-swap power supply.


* RAID 3/5 usable capacity will be 1 drive less of total, RAID 6 will be 2 drives less. Why?


PCIe x16 cable only

3-meter (x16 Lane)




Spare drive with tray









Rackmount kit





Call 818-435-6007


* RAID 3/5 capacity will be 12.5% less, RAID 6 will be 25% less. Why?

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PRO RX 16ex


  • 80Gb/s PCIe Gen2 Extender technology.
  • Three x16 lane PCIe Gen2 slots (two double wide).
  • Two x8 lane Gen2 slots.
  • Dual controller (optional) Hardware RAID controller supporting RAID 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, JBOD.
  • x16 Lane HBE Gen2 (Host Bus Extender).
  • x16 Lane 3 meters cable .
  • Pre-loaded with hot swappable SATA/SAS/SSD 3Gb/6Gb high performance disk drives.
  • 3-U rackmount.
  • Optional rackmount kit.
  • Final Cut Studio, Premiere Pro, Media Composer compatible.
  • ProRes 422, RED R3D & proxy, DV, DVCPRO HD, HDV, uncompressed SD/HD, 2k/4k film formats.
  • Multiple real-time steams.
  • GUI RAID Console management.
  • E-mail event notification.
  • Enclosure management.
  • 24 months warranty. ’

System Requirements

  • Apple Mac Pro - one available PCI-e slot.
  • Apple Power Mac G5 (later model with PCI-e slots) - One available PCI-e slot.
  • Windows-based compatible PC with one PCI-e x8 physical minimum slot.
  • Apple OS X 10.4 or higher, Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, Server, Linux, Unix.
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