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Rackmount Removable/Portable RAID Pack Storage

PRO RXqp&qpE

Featuring Four 2.5" (mpd) removable media packs in a convenient 2-U rackmount, each (mpd) holds eight 2.5" drives.

Media Pack

Removable Media Packs (mpd)

Performance Data
PRO RXmpd & mpdE Workflow
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      PRO RXmpd & mpdE Rugged & Flexible Design.
      • "Your" Digital Archive made simple, four removable "mpd" (media packs).
      • Up to 6TB in each "mpd".
      • Up to a total of 24TB.
      • Performance - Dulce's 40Gb/s PCIe gen2 HBE host buss extender technology.
      • Flexibility - Now available with dual port 10GbE (optional). The PRO RX mpdE now can be connected to existing SAN environment or simply just share your PRO RX mpdE.
      • Scalable - An x8 lane PCIe gen2 expansion port provides the ability to daisy chain 6 additional PRO RX mpd without using an extra PCIe slot of a workstation.
      • RAID protected content - One "mpd" can be configured as an individual RAID 0, 3, 5, 6 or JBOD. Two "mpd" can be configured as one (1) RAID 0, 5, 6 or JBOD, for additional configurations please see diagram below.
      • Rugged - Dual H/S Power Supply - Available in AC or DC version. Removable fans. Media packs drives "mpd" 8 SATA or SSD drives.

PRO RXqp workflow1

Sneaker-net content across
town or around the world.

Organize projects in Quad Packs
for client manageability.

Archive the entire project
for quick project restarts.

Contact sales@dulcesystems.com for more information.

Phone Sales @ 818-435-6007

Your content will always be well protected with Dulce "mpd".

Each individual "mpd" can be configured as a single RAID 5 or 6 (see above for RAID diagram).

Now large amounts of content can be stored or moved safely in RAID mode.

Organize projects in Media Packs Drives
for client manageability.

Archive the entire project
for quick project restarts.

qp Pelican case

Let our sales team help you on the right workflow for your project.

QP optional Pelican Travel Case.

Part Number 903-0001-0

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