Dulce Systems

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We apologize for any difficulties you might be having with your Dulce product.

If you need to return a product for repair please contact our Technical Support team. Please review the Limited Warranty and what you can do to help in expediting the repair.

When contacting Technical Support, please have the model number, serial number and a problem description available. Our professional technical team member will help you through this problem.

If a return is deemed necessary, it is most important that the product is packaged in its original shipping and packing material. If you do not have the original packaging, call us to request packaging. A nominal fee and shipping will be charged for the delivery of this packaging.

Improperly packaged product will cause additional damage to the product which is not covered under the Limited Warranty and will delay the repair and incur additional charges. If you have any question regarding the proper packaging, please contact Technical Support for assistant.


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