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Comfy Chair Consulting



I recently had the opportunity to qualify Dulce Systems PRO DQ g2 and Dulce's PRO RX g2 for use with Bluefish444 line of 12 bit video cards. I'm happy to say these units passed with flying colors in a variety of different environments and software platforms including Assimilate Scratch, AvidMC and Symphony, Adobe CS6 as well as Bluefish444's proprietary software modules. The speed of these units exceeded my expectations, the PRO DQ g2 8-bay array averaged speeds of 900MB/s playing back 8-bit 4k footage at well over 85% capacity (Which I'll add is fairly unprecedented in my experience).

I used the PRO RX g2 to run the 4K demo at NAB 2012 playing back 12 and 16 bit 4K footage with bandwidth to spare, average speeds hovering just above 1.8GB/s again at around 85% capacity.

Outside of the outstanding performance, what impressed me the most was the seeming indestructibility of the array. These units are built to be mistreated without any worries of malfunction making them ideal for traveling systems, (eg. on-set dailies, rental, ect.).

All in all the price per gigabyte to performance ratio coupled with its durability and excellent customer service making these my array of choice for the vast majority of my clients.

Cutter Stevens
Comfy Chair Consulting - Phone 818-633-8866





Tone Visuals



Tone Visuals
The Dulce Systems ProDQ SAS Raid has become an integral part of my color and finishing workflow. Tone Visuals owns two PRO DQ raids, each with 8-TB configurations, and both are accessed via a SAS PCI-e interface on two separate Mac Pros.

The units are extremely fast, quiet and very reliable. They allow playback of HD material at well over 700 gps.

I am able to playback and render media from and to either of these units across a gigabit Ethernet switch. In fact, all four of my MacPros can render to the DQs while at the same time running multiple applications on the host machines.

The technical support team at Dulce is first rate, and they always respond to my needs and questions in excellent time.

I'd happily recommend Dulce products to anyone looking for affordable and reliable raid products.

Brian Buongiorno
Tone Visuals - Phone 310-463-8198





Highway 89 Media



Highway 89 Media
I decided to write a testimonial on the PRO DQ g2 from Dulce Systems because, at Highway 89 Media, we are filmmakers and storytellers with the knowledge and experience to bring ideas to life. So, we needed a storage array that would allow us to do that. The PRO DQg2 it's been the most reliable RAID array that I've had over my 20 years of non-linear editing. We purchased the unit a couple of years ago and we have been using it ever since. The PRO DQg2 has provided us the flexibility to create and help our customer bring their ideas to life.

Eric Temple






The HistoryMakers



The HistoryMakers
The HistoryMakers used a Dulce Systems PRO Q Raid system. The unit worked superbly during our editing of An Evening With Smokey Robinson Program for PBS.

During the course of the edit there were never any lag issues that I have experienced with other RAID manufactures, the PRO Q system from Dulce Systems was impressive.

I had some question with the setup at the initial start, the customer support was so incredibly helpful it just took a couple of minutes to get me setup and ready to edit. I will highly recommend the Dulce Systems RAID unit to anyone who is serious about their editing and schedule.

The HistoryMakers






 Dan Monaghan - New Mexico Tourism Department



Strong Mountain Productions
We purchased a Dulce PRO Dq and PRO Ex PCI Expander after checking out the multitude of options available for increasing our RAID storage space.

In more than 2 years of nonstop service we have had no problems at all. And it is fast, plenty fast for our high definition video needs. My latest speed test showed a read rate of 496MB/Sec. and a write rate of 507MB/Sec. And the expansion unit gives us the ability to add PCIe storage easily in the future.

By the way, we are using the Dulce units connected to a MacPro working on video projects in Final Cut Studio. Again without so much as a hiccup in 27 months of service so far.

Dan Monaghan
Video Services Director
New Mexico Tourism Department






 Lisa Strong-Aufhauser - Strong Mountain Productions



Strong Mountain Productions
Strong Mountain Productions uses the 6TB Dulce Systems PRO DQ.






 Travis Petty - Director of Frozen Fire Films



Frozen Fire Films
“The ProDQ has been fantastic!”

“It just works. All the time - every time - without question.”

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 Adam Lightplay at Ross Hunt Productions



Adam Lightplay
“Raid 5 gave me
peace of mind”

NewTek’s Speed Edit software and a SATA Raid from Dulce Systems made it possible to easily and affordably edit a thrilling new documentary in HD. Room Zero is the story of .....

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 Producer Barak Epstein



“Upon setup and Blackmagic bench test, the unit does indeed run that fast.”

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