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Disk Benchmarks for Windows

There are a number of Windows base disk benchmarks that are helpful to determine the data rate performance capabilities of your Dulce storage units. We’ve included a few here. 

These benchmarks can be used to measure all of Dulce’s storage products, the samples are measurements made to a Dulce PRO RX with sixteen 1TB drives configured in RAID 5 on a Windows Vista computer. The extended PCIe uplink speed is at x8.

These benchmarks are typically free to download from their respective web sites. We have included copies here for your convenience, a more recent version might be available from the suppliers web site.

Bench32Atto Disk Benchmark

Select the Drive to be tested, change the option to Neither as indicated, leave the Direct I/O checked. Click Start to begin the test.

Note the performance numbers shown in bytes per second. A value of 800000 = 800MB/sec.

You might find the latest version by visiting www.attotech.com and click on the downloads tab. You can use our login: Username dulce, password dulce. This test is part of the Windows Host Adpater Utilities package which is available by selecting a Fibre Channel Host Adapters such as the Celerity FC-42ES.

As a convenience, a copy is provided here. (Download) 

AJA System TestAJA System Test

Select the Volume to test, change the Video Frame Size and File Size as indicated. Leave the Test as Disk Read + Write Test, click Start to being.

You might find a more updated version by visiting www.aja.com and click on the Support tab > Software Downloads. Select one of the Xena products and download the AJA XENA System Test. This benchmark will run without any AJA cards installed.

As a convenience, a copy is provided here. (Download)


Blackmagic DesignBlackmagic Disk Speed Test

Select the Disk Volume to test, click Run Test to begin.

A more updated version might be available on at www.blackmagic-design.com. Clicik on Support > Software Downloads and select the Intensity Series. Even if you do not have a Blackmagic card, this benchmark will install and runs.

As a convenience, a copy is provided here. (Download)



HD_Speed HD_Speed

Select the Drive to be tested, change the Block Size as noted. Click Start to begin. The test will run continuously and cover the full range of the disk space.

You may also change the starting position of the test by setting the Position % value. This will allow you to pin-point a particular area of the storage space to test.

Download the latest version at www.softpedia.com and search for HD_speed.

As a convenience, a copy is provided here. (Download)


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