Saturday, October 24, 2020
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Everything You Need to Know About Bug Detectors

Bug detection was, for a long time, a preserve of the military or counter-intelligent personnel. However, this has since changed, and you might as well need them too during your exploits. The need for bug detectors can be attributed to the fact that there might be malicious persons around us who might want to monitor or record you secretly. For instance, you might have a tiny camera hidden in places such as Airbnb rentals, gyms, washrooms, and public spaces. In light of this, bug detectors such as those at are fast becoming a basic safety measure for everyone.spy camera

How a Bug Detector Works

A bug detector is essentially a radio receiver that can capture electromagnetic waves transmitted close to it. Well, it does not only detect any fishy signals, but it also lets you know about the nature of the source. For instance, if you have an audio bugging device installed on your phone, the chances are that it emits some waves that can be picked up by a bug detector. A good bug detector should be able to pick up a range of different frequency levels. In case there is a cellular, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth around, it should be able to detect it pronto.

Devices that Can Be Detected With Bug Detectors

  • Hidden cameras: A bug camera should detect the presence of a spy camera in the vicinity. These covert devices are usually concealed in phone chargers, mirrors, alarm clocks, and smoke detectors. Some of these cameras are impossible to detect, with some embedded in the head of a screw. Bug detectors mostly work by detecting the pinhole lens in the camera.
  • Audio bugs: There are different types of audio bugs. GSM bugs fitted on a sim card, miniature voice recorders on everyday gadgets such as USB drives, wiretaps on your cellphone, and smartphones are the most commonly used audio bugs. A bug detector will help you detect the [presence of any bug that you might be dealing with.
  • GPS tracking devices: Some employers or detectives might install a GPS tracking device to monitor your travels without your knowledge. If you suspect that someone is tracking you, a GPS bug detector can help you detect the radio frequencies sent by the tracker.GPS tracking

Of you need to keep yourself safe from these bugs, for any reason, it is advisable to invest in a bug detector.

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