Friday, December 04, 2020
Tech Innovations

Four Tech Innovations That You Must Know

The pace of technological development has progressed so fast and rapidly since the discovery of machines and computers in the world of technology has undergone a drastic development, it can even be said that every time we wink at other parts of the world, new technological innovations emerge. The rapid development of technology is sometimes not even overtaken by us, so many of us feel left behind by technological progress, and technologists haunt us.

So rapidly the latest innovations in the world of technology, of course, the primary purpose is to make people more comfortable to do a job. From what we used to need to send news across the island by mail, now we only need a cell phone for long-distance communication, even one day we can visit the future or the past with a time machine.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Advanced Machine Learning

The most notable tech advanced is the AI and advanced machine learning. These technologies are not the latest invention, but rather the development of the previous technology. They can be applied in independent vehicles, robots, electronics for consumers, visual personal assistants, and smart advisers.

This technology will make technology devices and programs more sophisticated, such as being able to learn, understand, adapt and allegedly be able to operate independently. This discovery is indeed significant, especially in the robotic world, and does not rule out the possibility that the machine learning technology has marked the birth of robots that can communicate and coexist with humans as in many sci-fi movies told us in the past.

Digital Twin

Digital twin is the latest discovery in the field of digital technology, with digital twin software will look more dynamic concerning physical and system. The working system of the latest digital twin technology is to rely on data provided by sensors to respond to changes, understand the situation, and improve performance. This system is allegedly going to replace human resource skills and traditional monitoring regarding service planning and repairing plant operating equipment.

VR and AR technology

Technology that will undergo updates and will be more popular is Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Both of these technologies have existed in the past few years, but until now both of these technologies are still in the process of being developed, in 2017 both of them experienced some improvements. According to Gartner, the development of these two technologies will continue to experience improvements to reach the stage of improvement, which is predicted to occur in 2021.

The Flying Cars, Aeromobil

Advanced technology in the next year is flying cars or aeromobiles. Aeromobiles are a combination of airplanes with cars, so they will work almost the same as amphibious tanks that can be driven on land and at sea. Another feature of this car is its luxurious appearance and functions that can be carried anywhere without having to fear being stuck in traffic.

According to the CEO of aeromobil, Juraj Vaculik, he said he was moving quickly in producing and marketing the innovation. In a Jurac interview with a CNBC reporter, he said if in 2017 the aeromobil company is guaranteed to be able to air and be ready for market.

This combination of cars and planes also produces an interesting combination with advanced technology in cars and planes, equipped with aviation systems and autopilot vehicles of the future will be excellent. Besides, aeromobiles are also equipped with shock absorbers to take off and land on rough terrain.

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